How we work


First you need to apply to our program online. You must apply online, there is no other way in. We encourage you to make a 3 minute video pitch and send us the link. You need to be a Norwegian limited liability company ("AS") and we prefer you have received financing from a Noregian "TTO", cluster or other seed funds/angels. You can apply any time.


If you are accepted to nHack, we will offer you an investment of US$25-100K for 7-10% of your AS, with an option for us to "double down". You will move to Shanghai for 3-5 months and launch a product, a prototype you can sell on crowdfunding sites. We will assist you to raise further capital, in China or in Norway, if you have succeeded in launching sales.


Most companies will move back to Norway, but maintaining suppliers, investors and markets in China. We do not aim to move companies to China, we only aim to launch Norwegian companies faster by giving them a short stint in China. If some companies chose to stay, it is their choice and for a reason. 

Our Team


Chris is an old China hand, based in China as an investor since 1997. With background from multiple Chinese startups and funds, Chris is our lead investor and main bridge maker. Today, Chris travels between Norway and China, helping our companies and speaks regularly on Chinese economics and start up experiences. 


John is a Chinese citizen, and also the managing partner of China listed private equity firm ChinaEquity Group. John brings a wide variety of experience to nHack, both as an investor, asset manager, investment banker and entrepreneur. John heads up nHack's Chinese partnerships and manages our local China team. 

We bridge Norwegian companies to China.

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