Norway. Shanghai.



nHack aims to drastically cut time to global market for Norwegian companies. We specialize in helping Norwegian companies drastically cut the time to make a prototype or a product. Meanwhile we help you access Chinese capital or the Chinese market, so that you can become a global company faster. 


 All participants at nHack must launch a prototype or a product while residing with nHack. We are relentless in actually launching a product or a company. You are welcome to visit us, learn and observe.


nHack's team work with you all the way, supported by a network of mentors and business advisers that have been there, done that. nHack also has a unique network of lawyers and venture capitalists as partners helping you launch a company, not only a product.


We ONLY invest and accelerate NORWEGIAN businesses. We do NOT aim to move Norwegian companies to China, merely to expose Norwegian companies to China's market, component suppliers, capital and global reach. 


Shanghai is China's most vibrant city, with a commercial edge. A metropolis with everything you can imagine on offer, we also have satellite operations in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, and Beijing, simply the Capitol. 


nHack was launched on the back of the successful Norwegian company Blueye Robotics in 2016. Our founder invested in Blueye Robotics in Norway and entered into a working relationship with Blueye's CEO and founder, Mr. Erik Dyrkoren. Already in its second generation prototype, Blueye came to China looking for components, and ended up contracting for manufacturing with a globally leading EMS company. Moreover, Blueye raised growth capital in China and got market access allowing further successful capital fund raising. While Blueye had already received equity capital from the leading early stage VC's NTNU TTO and NTNU Accel in Norway, the China bridge launched the company onto the next stage of development rapidly. We follow this model for nHack today. 


1. First you MUST to apply to our program online. You must apply online, there is no other way in. We encourage you to make a 3 minute video pitch and send us the link. You need to be a Norwegian limited liability company ("AS") and we prefer you have received financing from a Norwegian "TTO", cluster or other seed funds/angels. You can apply any time. 

2. If you are accepted to nHack, we will offer you an investment of US$25-100K for 7-10% of your AS, with an option for us to "double down". You will move to Shanghai for 3-5 months and launch a product, a prototype you can sell on crowdfunding sites. We will assist you to raise further capital, in China or in Norway, if you have succeeded in launching sales. 

3. Most companies will move back to Norway, maintaining suppliers, investors and markets in China. We do not aim to move companies to China, we only aim to launch Norwegian companies faster by giving them a short stint in China. If some companies chose to stay, it is their choice and for a reason.  

It is not demo or die. It is do or die. 

Apply Here by entering your VIDEO PITCH in message below! 


You will need to have an appointment to come and see us. We are busy with our portfolio companies. Get in touch via our events or try to send us an email, but better come to an event and get an appointment. 


Room 1701, Bund Center, 222 East Yan’an Road

Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002